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g the attack from behind the attack, the dragon decided to look and found that the cave is turned out of those floating energy. But still do not wait for the dragon to react again, the energy hit again, one after another share, enough to have thousands of Road, let the Pegasystems Certification dragon shocked. Almost instinctive reaction, the dragon decided to step Shenlong step quickly to escape. Those who put on the floor of the baby, the dragon also did not have the energy to take, because an ene.rgy can not even cause any damage to the dragon, but thousands of it is not the same. Long decided to escape, behind the energy pursued, at least dozens of dozen in the dragon behind the decision, let him spray out of a blood, has received a light injury. And the dragon by the strength of this force to escape more quickly. At this moment the dragon was discovered, the cave even so deep, the dragon decided to curse loudly, along the CPBA road only one road rush up. Finally, do not know how many meters forward, eyes once again appeared in a hole, the dragon must not CPBA it exam control so much, and a bar on the bar. Eyes suddenly see the light, and behind the energy suddenly stopped the attack, so that the dragon was relieved, it seems that as long as here, behind the energy be let go of their own. Long de.cided to start from this place, did not expect this cave inside still hidden another piece of heaven and earth. Here is not big,

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PEGACPBA71V1 Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 71V1 Pegasystems CPBA