Nicks Seafood Restaurant
Nicks Seafood Facebook page will enlighten their valued fans with regular updates of dish of the week, the chef’s secret recipe and a quirky fact about the hospitality industry. Every week something new and fresh will be placed on the page, so for all you Nick’s Fans you wont be short of disappointment. We want your feedback too, so feel free to post on our wall about your experience with Nicks or drop a post and say hello!
Cyren Bar Grill Seafood
Cyren Bar Grill Seafood is undergoing extensive renovations making it the ultimate venue to eat at in Darling Harbour. It will reopen late 2012 with a brand a new venue that will bring a fresh new concept and fresh new atmosphere to Sydney. Follow our progress on Facebook and let us know what you think about the transformation. We look forward to seeing you at the brand new Cyren Bar Grill Seafood.
Adria’s Facebook page will provide you with regular updates of our lunch and dinner specials, cocktail of the week, how we create the flavours of our exotic food and fun facts about Adria. Become a fan today and be in the know of what’s happening at Adria.
I'm Angus Steak House
I'm Angus will provide their valued fans with regular updates about where the meat is from, how the meat is prepared, the background of our chefs and of pictures of our finest food creations! I'm Angus steak house is located on Cockle Bay Wharf for more information simply become a fan of the Facebook page and feel apart of the I’m Angus brand and culture.
Nick's Bar and Grill
Nicks Bar and Grill Facebook page will keep you updated on the latest events on King Street Wharf and new additions to our stunning open plan restaurant. You will learn about the latest seafood recipes, inside secrets in the kitchen, wine of the week and of course our meal specials. Become a fan today and follow us on Facebook.
Stacks Bar
Stacks Facebook page is fun and interactive with regular updates of new additions on the menu, which DJ or live band is playing on the weekend, drink/food special and not to mention crazy facts about our chefs. Since we are new we want your opinion, let us know of your experience at Stacks Taverna on our Facebook page.