How Nick made it possible for his fruit and veg supplier in becoming one of Sydney’s biggest providores!

Meet Nick’s Restaurant & Bar Group’s fruit and vegetable supplier, Robert! From Medan, Indonesia; Robert migrated to Australia at a very young age. Growing up, Robert’s experience, love and passion has always been in Australian Produce; spotting the best of the best was second nature to him.

Robert established Pro Bros Providore in 2003 in Sydney and although he had difficulty getting his foot in the door, his dedication and optimism lead him to Nick Manettas (owner and director of Nick’s Restaurant & Bar Group in Darling Harbour).

Nick’s restaurants were the first hospitality business Robert supplied to and after years of service, Pro Bros is now one of the leading fruit and vegetable providores of quality grown fresh produce, providing over 300+ Sydney City and surrounding restaurants, hotels, and other fine establishments with the absolute highest quality produce and service.

Robert owns a substantial warehouse at the Flemington Sydney Market and works from midnight till early hours of the morning. Because they are based in Sydney Market, it enables them to carry a comprehensive selection of fruit and vegetables from the basic to the exotic including seasonal, organic and hard-to-find items. Robert delivers fresh vegetables and fruits to Nick’s daily and never fails to impress with his quality of produce and service. Persistence, honesty and hard-work is everything Pro Bros is about.

“Nick orders tomatoes and avocados more than anyone else in the business” says Robert.

Robert is extremely thankful that Nick gave him a chance to prove himself that he can meet our demands, and now, we are thankful for him! Robert has built a team of highly experienced members who each specialise in a particular product range and is also supported by admin and logistics teams dedicated to enhancing the service provided to Nick’s.

A little tip from Robert, “Be honest to your customer and treat them like family. Customers always comes first, just like our families do!” – we cannot agree more, as we adopt this exact motto from day one at Nick’s Group – proudly a family owned Australian business!


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