Chandon SHand Crafted Orange Bitters Infused Sparkling Wine served on ice & garnished with an Orange Peel$14.00
Aperol SpritzAperol & De Bortoli ‘King Valley’ Prosecco topped with Soda Water & an Orange Wheel$14.00
Just PeachyFour Pillars Gin, Joseph Cartron Peach Liqueur, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice & Fee Brothers Peach Bitters$16.00
Rosey Watermelon ParadiseBelvedere Vodka, Chambord, Lime Juice, Monin Rose Syrup, Watermelon Juice & Mint$17.00
Mango MojitoAngostura Reserva Rum, Mango Puree, Fresh Lime & Mint. Served with a Sprig of Mint & Cherry$16.00
Wild ThingWild Turkey Bourbon, Esprit de Figues Fig Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Gomme Syrup, Egg White & garnished with Edible Flowers$16.00
Salted Caramel MartiniStoli Salted Karamel Vodka, Licor 43, White Creme de Cacao with Milk, Pure Cream, Monin Caramel Syrup & Pink Murray River Salt Flakes$17.00
Spiced Raspberry MojitoCargo Cult Spiced Rum, Santa Marta Limoncello, Fresh Lime, Mint, Raspberry Puree & Pomegranate Syrup. Served with a Sprig of Mint$17.00
Pimms No.1 CupPimms and Bulldog London Dry Gin with Fresh Orange, Lemon, Lime & Mint. Topped with Ginger Ale & served in a Wine Glass$16.00
Baby BlueStolichnya Vodka, Joseph Cartron Lychee Liqueur, Mr Boston Blue Curacao, Lychee Puree & Lychee$16.00
Strawberry & Lime MargaritaJose Cuervo Especial Reposado Tequila, Joseph Cartron Fraise (Strawberry) Liqueur, Strawberry Puree, Pomegranate Syrup & Fresh Lime$16.00
Dark ‘N’ StormyKraken Black Spiced Rum, topped with Schweppes Ginger Beer, Fresh Lime, a dash of Angostura Bitters & a Lime Wheel$17.00
Bulldog NegroniBulldog London Dry Gin, Campari & Cinzano Rosso. Served short over ice with an Orange Slice$16.00
Espresso MartiniStoli Vanil Vodka & Kahlua with a Fresh Double Espresso Shot & Sugar Syrup$17.00
CLASSICSMojito, Cosmo, Margarita, Mai Tai, Caipiroska, Caipirinha, Long Island Iced Tea, Pina Colada, Old Fashioned & Bloody Mary$17.00
Fruit MocktailsVirgin Mojito ~ Mint, Lime, Sugar & Soda Water$9.00
Tropical Oasis ~ Orange & Pineapple Juices with Passionfruit Pulp, Mint & Pomegranate Syrup
TAP BEERglasspint
Pure Blonde 4.2%$8.50$12.00
Stella Artois 5.0%$9.00$13.00
Fat Yak Pale Ale 4.7%$9.00
Lazy Yak Pale Ale 4.2%$9.00
Wild Yak Pacific Ale 4.2%$9.00
4 Pines Kolsch 4.7%$9.00
Lord Nelson Three Sheets Pale Ale 4.9%$9.00
Cricketers Arms Scorcher Summer Ale 4.6%$8.50
Cascade Premium Light 2.6%$7.00
Coopers Original Pale Ale 4.5%$8.50
Crown Lager 4.9%$9.00
Victoria Bitter 4.9%$8.50
Asahi Super Dry 5.0%$9.00
Asahi Super Dry Black 5.5%$9.50
Budweiser 4.9%$9.00
Corona Extra 4.5%$9.00
Peroni Nastro Azzurro 5.1%$9.50
Sapporo (650ml can) 5.2%$13.00
Pure Blonde Crisp Apple Cider 4.2%$9.00
Somersby Cloudy Apple Cider 4.5%$9.00
Somersby Pear Cider 4.5%$9.00
Soft DrinksCola, Pepsi Max, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Ginger Ale, Tonic, Soda$4.50
Schweppes Ginger Beer$5.00
JuicesApple, Orange, Pineapple, Cranberry, Tomato, Ruby Red Grapefruit$5.50
S. PellegrinoNatural Sparkling Mineral Water 1lt$10.50
Acqua PannaNatural Sparkling Mineral Water 1lt$10.50
Garlic Bread$6.00
Honey, Chilli & Cheese on Turkish Bread$6.00
Herb Bread$6.00
Sourdough LoafExtra virgin olive oil, Murray River salt$9.00
BruschettaRoma tomatoes, spanish onions, aged balsamic & crumbled feta cheese$10.50
Trio of DipsServed with toasted turkish bread olive tapenade, smoked salmon, taramasalata$18.00
AntipastoProsciutto, double smoked ham, salami, cornichons, olives, feta & roasted baguette$22.00
Salt & Pepper CalamariWith ranch dressing$24.00
Seared Kangaroo LoinSweet potato fritter, bok choy & red wine jus$23.00
Traditional Garlic PrawnsServed with parmesan garlic baguette$23.00
Grilled CalamariRadicchio, passionfruit & orange salad$21.00
Grilled Baby OctopusShallot & bean shoots, fried onion with chilli soy dressing$23.00
Soft Shell Crab Tempura BatteredMango salsa and lemoncello dressing$22.00
Queensland ScallopsCauliflower puree, crisp pancetta, beetroot reduction$23.00
Alaskan King Crab & Avocado TianServed with citrus salad & grapefruit aioli$24.00
Tasting Plate to ShareGrilled prawns, salt & pepper calamari, marinated gippsland lamb cutlets & bruschetta$34.00
Sydney Rock OystersServed natural, mornay or kilpatrick½ Dozen $24.00
Dozen $44.00
Choice of...$14.50
Steak with Chips & SaladServed with a choice of soft drink as well as ice cream for dessert with chocolate or strawberry toppings
Fish with Chips & Salad
Calamari Rings with Chips & Salad
Chicken Breast with Chips & Salad
4 Cheese Tortellini with Napolitana Sauce
Sautéed Bok ChoyWith soy & garlic$12.00
Garden SaladMixed leaves, tomato, cucumber & house dressing$10.00
Greek SaladTomato, cucumber, red onion, olives & feta$14.00
Caesar SaladWith baby cos, parmesan, croutons, bacon, anchovies & boiled egg$14.00
Roast Pumpkin & Haloumi SaladWith Rocket, balsamic & roast cashews$15.00
Mash Potato$8.00
Beer Battered ChipsWith truffle oil and parmesan cheese$10.00
Crisp Fried Onion RingsWith rosemary salt$10.00
Twice Baked PotatoWith cheese, bacon & sour cream$8.00
Steamed BroccoliniWith roast almonds$12.00
Sautéed Wild MushroomsWith garlic, thyme & butter$9.00
I’m Angus Meat & Seafood Platter for Two220g Grainge Sirloin, Lamb Cutlets, Kangaroo Skewers, ½ Pork Ribs, Garlic Prawns, Salt & Pepper Calamari, Oysters$160.00
Served with a garden salad and chips on the side
Dry Aged Great Southern Pinnacle Sirloin on the Bone ~ 350gm100% Grass-Fed and Free Range, Dry Aged 6- 8 weeks. Marble Score 2$48.00
Great Southern Pinnacle Grass-Fed T-Bone ~ 500gmEncompassing both Sirloin and Tenderloin Cut. 100% Grass-Fed, raised in some of Australia’s most prestigious farming country. Marble Score 2$52.00
I’m Angus Tajima Wagyu F1 HybirdTajima Wagyu is raised in Southern NSW, this F1 crossbred Wagyu is fed a specially formulated Japanese diet for a minimum of 400 days to produce Wagyu with excellent meat eating qualities and a large eye muscle and superior marbling.
Wagyu Rump Steak ~ marble score 8 ~ 400gm$58.00
Wagyu Flat Iron ~ marble score 8 ~ 300gm$54.00
Wagyu Tenderloin ~ marble score 5 ~ 200gm$65.00
Make your steak the ultimate Surf & Turf~ Add a Half Baby Lobster with Garlic Butter$24.00
SaucesRed Wine Jus, Dianne, Mushroom, Three Peppercorn, Béarnaise, Blue Cheese~ $4.00 Extra
ButtersTruffle Butter~ $4.00 Extra
Garlic Butter
Seared Kangaroo LoinSweet potato fritter, bok choy & red wine jus$34.00
I’m Angus Signature Beef & Mushroom PieBeef & mushroom with red wine sauce served with mash$28.00
Slow Roasted Chicken BreastStuffed with pistachio, heirloom tomato & baby bocconcini, sherry vinaigrette$29.00
Grilled Atlantic Salmon FilletParmesan risotto, roast almonds & apple cream$36.00
Grilled BarramundiBroccolinni, shaved fennel & lemon cream$35.00
Spaghetti with Chicken breastChicken breast with mushrooms, cherry tomato & creamy cheese sauce$28.00
King Prawn FettucineKing prawns tossed with a traditional tomato & chilli sauce$32.00
Asparagus & Spinach RisottoArborio rice, fresh asparagus, wilted spinach & parmesan crisp$26.00
All steaks accompanied by mashed potatoes & slow roasted baby onions
I’M ANGUS ‘GRAINGE’ ANGUS BEEFFrom Gippsland Victoria the Grainge brand is exclusive to our meat supplier. Angus cattle reared on grain for a minimum 150 days. MSA graded 3 with a marble score 1-2
I’m Angus Grainge Sirloin Steak220gm$36.00
A flavourful, melt in the mouth cut with a nice amount of fat & marbling
I’m Angus Grainge Rump Steak280gm$32.00
More flavoursome than sirloin & slightly more marbling make for the tastiest steak. This muscle works hard so is slightly chewier than other cuts
I’m Angus Grainge Tenderloin200gm$39.00
The most tender cut as this is the least used muscle on the beast. Very lean, considered by most the best cut of beef250gm$48.00
I’m Angus Grainge Rib-Eye on the Bone350gm$48.00
Cut from ribs 6 thru 12 this is another under used muscle on the cow & is very tender; with its high degree of marbling it is full of flavou
I’m Angus Grainge Scotch Fillet300gm$42.00
Also known as cube roll very succulent & flavoursome steak with a nice amount of marbling
I’m Angus Premium Reserved Riverina Scotch Fillet300gm$48.00
A superior grade of beef, very succulent and flavoursome marble score 2- 3+
Surf & TurfI’m Angus Grainge Tenderloin served with king prawns & béarnaise sauce$52.00
Filet MignonI’m Angus Grainge Fillet wrapped in bacon & served with your choice of sauce & a twice cooked baked potato with bacon$52.00
Make your steak the ultimate Surf & Turf~ Add a Half Baby Lobster with Garlic Butter$24.00
SaucesRed Wine Jus, Dianne, Mushroom, Three Peppercorn, Béarnaise, Blue Cheese~ $4.00 Extra
ButtersTruffle Butter~ $4.00 Extra
Garlic Butter
Giant Pork RibsLet your professional wait staff strap a bib on you & get down & dirty. Absolutely succulent basted in chefs own famous tequila barbecue sauce. Served with chipsFull Rack $44.00
Half Rack $28.00
Giant Beef RibsLooking like they fell off the side of a beast, these succulent beef ribs are not for the faint hearted. Marinated in a beer & barbecue basting sauce, you will be the centre of attention when they hit your table!Full Rack $46.00
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